Verizon buys Yahoo for $4.8 billion

“Verizon buys Yahoo for $4.8 billion.”  What does that mean?  LA Times story on July 26, 2016.  Yahoo is a public company.  What does that mean?  It has more than 750 shareholders and more than a million in assets.  Yahoo stock on July 26 was selling for $38.48 per share on the stock exchange.  Is Verizon going to buy all billion shares outstanding?  Below is a list of the major stockholders.  Is Verizon going to send checks to every shareholder for its shares?  What if someone doesn’t want to sell? Continue reading

Blog For My Students

I have started this blog as my latest attempt to figure out a way to communicate with my students as a group.  The past few years I have tried different things but none have worked.  So we will see how this idea goes.

I want to communicate with my students as a group for a number of reasons:

  1. I get emails during the semester with questions that I am happy to respond to however the response obviously goes only to the student who sent the email. That is inefficient and sometimes other students will think a particular student is getting “special treatment.”
  2. I often give students some instruction during class, i.e., “skip the next case,” or read some additional case, and for the next week I will get bunches of emails from students asking me to clarify that.  This blog will allow me to give the instruction again “on the record.”
  3. I often think of things after class that I wish I would have said or forgot to mention at all or said in a clearer way.  Again, I can use this blog to clarify my thoughts on something.
  4. I think a lot about how to help my students.  I try to think of ways to help students with the “big picture,” as well as help with specific legal concepts.  I do my best thinking by writing things down.  Explaining something to myself by writing it down helps me clarify the thought to myself.  It often makes me realize that I do not understand something as well as I thought I did.
  5. I run across things in the newspapers, or on the television, or on other blogs/websites that I think my students would like to know.  For the most part, what you learn in law school is how it really works.  The rules we study are the same rules that judges use in deciding cases.  When I talk to my biz org students about insider trading and then see an article that highlights what I was talking about, I would like to share that with the students.  This blog should help with that.

What I need from you.

  1. Please click “Follow” this blog.  That way you will get an email each time I post something.
  2. When a student sends me an email with a question, I will post the question on the blog and then answer it.  I will not state the name of the person who has asked the question unless you instruct me to do so.