First Assignment – Project

I am still getting emails from students asking me to respond whether they can choose such and such company for the first assignment.   The instructions state what I carefully announced in class – do not wait for my response, just go ahead with your choice unless you hear from me.

By the way, I am still getting emails today telling me what company a student chose.  That email was due last Friday.

By the way part 2 – only about half of my 55 students have become followers of this blog.  Please remind your friends to sign up so they can get my communications.  Thanks.

Reading Materials

A student noticed that there is 140 pages of textbook assigned for the class next week.  This will clarify what is required.  You do not have to read cases in the textbook that have not been assigned.  You should read the comments that follow the cases that have been assigned.  You should also at least look through the rest of the materials.  Some of it is very useful.  But most important is that you read carefully the cases assigned and the comments that follow.