Prior Exams – Question from a Student

When will we be going over past exams in class so that we can have an idea on how to format for the exam and zone in on the issues.

Answer:  All of my past exams are on D2L along with my analysis for each.  I also have past bar exams and analysis for each.  It’s a work in progress as I’m still getting to all of the bar exam questions.  I will begin going over past exams in class in another couple of weeks.

Insider Trading Case Pending before the Supreme Court This Upcoming Term

This is from the Georgetown Supreme Court Institute.   It is a preview of cases on the Supreme Court docket for the upcoming term.  One of the cases fits into our study of a part of Rule 10b-5 known as insider trading,

Insider Trading Liability

Salman v. United States

Section 10(b) of Securities Exchange Act of 1934, and the SEC’s implementing Rule 10b-5, broadly prohibit deceptive or fraudulent acts in connection with trading securities.  For over 35 years, the Court has recognized insider trading as a Continue reading