Take Home Essay 3 and 4

Attached are take home essays 3 and 4.  Number 3 was due last week.  Number 4 is due this coming week.   Biz Org take home essay 3      Biz Org take home essay 4

As to essay 3, I can see progress.  There were many answers that were decent.  There was one that was very good.  Ray Ramdeholl.  New BO assignment 3 Ramdeholl  There were 1 or 2 others that were good and I would have posted the names except that the person did not put the number of words at the end of the answer as I instructed.   Continue reading

Office Hours

I will be at the school in Chatsworth tomorrow by 5pm.  I will meet personally with students to review their essay answers one on one if anyone wants to do that.  First come first served.  I will be at the LAX campus on Wednesday by 5pm as well.

I will come by the Chatsworth campus this Friday at 3:00pm and hang around until 5pm if anyone would like to meet then.

Take Home Essays

For the Chatsworth class, 11 students (out of 42) have not turned in any of the three take home essays I have assigned.  Seven students have turned in only one of the three answers.  I will bring the roster tomorrow and you can look and see if I lost one of your exams.

Note:  The take home essays are mandatory.

Biz Orgs: First Two Take-Home Essay Questions

Attached are the first two take-home essay questions.  The first was due on Monday and Tuesday and the second is due next Monday and Tuesday.  These are mandatory.  The instructions are mandatory.  I increased the word limit for the second question from 400 words to 500 words.   Biz Org take home essay 1 Biz Org take home essay 2  

Also attached are two answers I received for Question 1 which are “pretty good.”  Essay Assignment 1 – Chris Cleveland Nathalie Sahakian – Essay Assignment No. 1 (2)