Writing Assignment No. ONE

I posted the writing assignment on D2L.  It is also attached below.  It must be turned in by Wednesday evening at 6:30 pm.  Do not put your name on it, only your student number.  Follow the instructions.   Do not email it to me.  You can give it to someone at the school who can put it in my box if you are not coming to class.

I have received several emails from students primarily requesting that I help answer the question.  That will not happen.

I cannot stress enough that you should focus on the question that is asked and use the facts that you are given to answer the question, as best you can.   I am not interested in how well you tell me about the rules you remember.   I am not impressed by how many issues you can “find.”  I am interested is seeing whether you can think like a lawyer.

The Writing Assignment is here (I think).  corps-writing-assignment-2016-one.

Questions About the Writing Assignment

  1.  The corporation is a corporation.  It issued stock.  It has a board of directors.  It has a President.  It is not a partnership!
  2. You can answer the questions very nicely without quoting any cases or treatises.  If a case that we reviewed is on point, it would be useful to mention that.  This is not a research project.  This is an answer the question project.