Cases for This Week – 10/4 and 5

This is class 9.  We will get through the materials on the syllabus for class 8.  We will review these cases.

Debaun v. First Western  952
Dodge v. Ford Motor  341
Matter of Caterpillar   503
TSC Indus v. Northway    513
Rauchman v. Mobil   540

Concepts we will discuss are:

• Shareholder fiduciary duties
Sales of controlling interests
• Cumulative Voting Sec 708
• Shareholder Agreements Sec 706
Buy-Sell Agreements
Voting Trusts
• Distributions by small corps
Proxies sec 705
• Solicitation of Proxies
• Reg 14a
• Shareholder Proposals
• Communicating with Shareholders
Derivative Litigation

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