Take Home Essay 3 and 4

Attached are take home essays 3 and 4.  Number 3 was due last week.  Number 4 is due this coming week.   Biz Org take home essay 3      Biz Org take home essay 4

As to essay 3, I can see progress.  There were many answers that were decent.  There was one that was very good.  Ray Ramdeholl.  New BO assignment 3 Ramdeholl  There were 1 or 2 others that were good and I would have posted the names except that the person did not put the number of words at the end of the answer as I instructed.  

The key issues to me, as I said in class on No. 3 was whether A and B used care in the process and what do we do about C who clearly did not use care in the process.  There were a bunch of decent answers by students who ignored C or absolved him completely.  In other words, a good answer except for the missed issue.  I say that to say again that the answers seem to be getting better.

19 students from the Chatsworth class did not turn in an answer to essay 3.  4 from LAX did not do it.  Doing an answer and turning it in is mandatory as I have said in class.  11 students from Chatsworth have done none of the questions.   I have reduced the number of cases to read from the syllabus so as to not overwhelm students.  That makes the lack of effort on the essays even worse in my book.

I will accept late answers on 1, 2 and 3 from students now.  I will note however the lack of timeliness to the answer.

One thought on “Take Home Essay 3 and 4

  1. Hi Prof. Hayes,

    I just wanted to ensure that you received Essay #3 from Gabrielle McDonald. I was out of town for a meeting, but emailed it to you on Monday evening. Thanks so much for confirming and I will see you at Wednesday’s class.


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