Assignments for 9/11 and 9/12.

Just to confirm and clarify:

At Chatsworth we will review the Moneywatch case in the Syllabus as class 4, and Wiswall, Shlensky, Kamin and Francis under class 5.

At LAX, we will review Meinhard, Bane and Moneywatch.  I am leaving out Cadawalader.

I have posted the 2nd take-dome essay question on D2L.

1st Take Home Essay

There was a typo in the take home essay I passed out this week.  As I said in class, it is due next Monday, end of the day; not Sept 18 as the instructions say.  LAX class can email it to me by next Tuesday, end of the day.  I posted a copy on D2L just in case.  Thanks.