Assignment for Classes Next Week – 10/17 and 10/18

These are the cases we will review next week:

McQuade v. Stoneham 359
Ling v. Trinity 430
Wilderman 630
hubby and ex-wife own the corp
Debaun v. First Western 952
sale of control to a looter
Nelson v. Anderson SUP
Dodge v. Ford Motor 341
TSC Indus v. Northway 513
Rauchman v. Mobil 540

I took out the Matter of Caterpillar case.

We have already discussed McQuade and Ling but we will review those cases again quickly.  All of the assigned cases involve fiduciary duties or management of a corporation one way or the other.  Please bring your briefs to class, even if they were turned in previously.

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